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01 May 2010 @ 12:13 am
Tuesday, April 20th.
i knew green day were here, in new york, because it was around the time of the american idiot musical premiere. and this premiere took place this day. so, i went to the theatre, and i saw several journalists for tv, all gathered to interview the band. there were other fans, and some others were going to enter in the venue to see the show. the band arrived around 7:30, and as we see on tv, they were answering to all the different journalists. that was nice to see! i noticed some celebrities, like whoopi golberg and paul rudd. i was on the right side, and so, green day was coming there to end their interviews. i was close to mtv. i saw the band, and bj got quite close, i could hear what he said, (and that was a kind of miracle because there was a lot of noise). on the other side of the street, there were people, who had shouted when the band got there ahah.
That was quite short, I saw them like 30 minutes, (especially the 10 last minutes when they were close to me), but that was so much cool to see them. in new york. i remember having a huge smile on my face when i noticed tré, and then the whole band, i was like "omg, so glad to see them here!!". Then, when everyone got inside, i discussed with a fan, andrew. that was really nice to talk with an american fan, who seemed to be as fan as i am. then i went to have my dinner, and one hour and a half later, i returned to the theater, to see the band going out. they didn't stay, but i was just in front of bj's car. really fast, but it was still cool.

Friday, April 23rd.
this day, i was seeing american idiot musical. i was really curious, because i really didn't know what to think about it. sure, it's from my favorite album, and written by billie joe. but. i was wondering if it wasn't too much. still, i was really stoked to be able to see how it looked like. when i entered in the theater, there was a huge wall on which we could sign. i didn't sign anything this night, but it was nice to see all these messages. i bought a tshirt. then, we went to the balcony, where were our seats. good view! and at nearly 8, the show began. i won't make a whole review of it, but i was totally impressed by the performance. some songs gave me chills, i almost wanted to cry during blvd of broken dreams, because it was really beautiful. really awesome.

Saturday, April 24th.
the show was so awesome i wanted to see it again. so, 45 minutes before the beginning of the show, i went to see if there were any tickets left. i really didn't think i'd got one, but i did! 37 dollars. really cool. this time, i signed on the wall, "all the way from france". i was at the balcony, once more, but on the left side. before the beginning, i heard some people getting all excited on the ground. i didn't know who was there, but i  was pretty sure it was a green day member. but which one? suspense... the show was amazing, once again. i'm in love with it! at the end, i got outside, and i wanted to see who was there. suddenly, i saw a van, a guy i recognized... and at the door, joey armstrong! then, adrienne... and billie joe! they walked close to me to get in their van. i was so surprised i was stuck and i didn't know what to say. maybe, i could have grasp billie joe and say him one or two things, but really, i didn't know what to say. there are so many things i'd like to say to him... 

Sunday, April 25th.
i arrived at astor place. and when i got there, i didn't have a fucking clue where was the venue. it was raining, it was cold, and i really thought i'd never going to make it. i didn't even know how many people would be here. lot of stress! something like 20 minutes later, i finally found the bowery avenue... and, 327 bowery electric. wow. so small! there was a car parked in front of it, and i noticed 4 persons. a guy came to see me and told me we weren't supposed to be in front of the venue, so i joined them in the corner. it was soooo cold. i was relieved when i knew it was +18 and not +21. i still couldn't believe i was about to see the foxboro hot tubs. basically my 2nd biggest dream (#1 being meeting gd. ahah). but it was a long way before getting inside. we waited. waited. waited. some people arrived, and one of the fans put a number on our hands. i was number 6! my sister came after and she was number 29. once we got our number, we separated, to go for a walk or going in the coffee shop which was situated in front of the venue. just to get warmer. i got introduced to a fan with blue hair, i think his name was hunter. he was nice! then i ate at wendy's, and my sister went for a walk in brooklyn. i got back in the queue line, and we stayed according to our numbers. it was so cool to see people so calm and relax, we'd never be able to do such a thing in france...jason white, kevin preston and his girlfriend went for a walk, we even saw bill schneider. and at 7:30, we could finally buy our tickets. i had to show my id, and the girl put my name behind my ticket. so unique! once we all got our tickets, we went in the coffee shop, to get warmer once again, and at 9, i went at my place in the line. people around me started to write everywhere "fuck time", the new anthem of foxboro and gd fans ahah. so i had written on my right hand "FUCK TIME", i wish it would never have disappeared, but it did :( anyway, the guys at the entrance were really nice too. they were discussing with us about littles dances to do to get warmer ahah. at 10:30 i'd say, they let us enter. oh my fucking god. this place was the smallest i've ever been for a show. and it was to see my favorite band!! i was so stoked. i went to the left side because this is where kevin preston would be mmmmh. just in front of me, there was larry livermore. a legend. god, he's the man who signed green day on lookout!! it was like a dream. all the more when all the musicians' wives/girlfriends were on the steps that led to the backstage. i was drown in a green day ocean. = paradise. so many people i knew, i heard about, i saw on pictures. and they were all around me. in a basement. in new york. !!!
the support act was simply emily's army, aka billie joe's son's band. joey armstrong is on the drums, and seriously, he's really good at it. even tré was looking at him like "beware, here is some competition" ahah. they played for 45 minutes. 
at midnight, billie joe armstrong, mike dirnt, tré cool, jason white, jason freeze and kevin preston went on stage. they were introduced by some guy and here we gooooooooo, they started with "stop drop and roll!!!" oh myyyy goooood, it was even better than in my dreams!! so intense, so energetic, so perfect. bj was completely crazy ahah, and well, they were already all a bit drunk. plus, during all the show they were drinking beers. seeing bj in that condition was funny, and at the same time, it was him, completely him. i don't really know how to explain it. sure, in green day, he's himself. but i guess he has a role of leader, he puts on a show. but here, there is no built show, he IS the show. the second song was "fuck time". from the first riffs, i was in love with the song! and once it was over, bj said "let's play it again!!" okay!!! basically they will have it 5 or 6 times during the show. that was so good, it's like when you listen to your ipod, and you listen your favorite song over and over again. but here, it was live. it's all good. they played the whole foxboro record (minus "red tide", but that was okay because it's my least favorite song). they played twice "broadway", three times "stop drop and roll", "st jimmy", "blood, sex and booze" (having this one live was a dream for me until then), "super model robots" (i loooove that sooooong!!!), and two the who covers: "my generation" and... "a quick one"!!!!!!!!! i was so excited when they began to play this one!! it was amazing. 
the crowd was crazy, insane, and there were some weird guys ahah, but it was okay. i had the time of my life. bj, kevin, and even mike did some stage diving. some people got on stage. i promise next time i'm seeing the foxboro live, i'm going on stage. anyway. the show ended at nearly 3. crazy! this night was perfect. and i can happily and proudly say "it's not a dream anymore". 
03 January 2010 @ 05:50 pm
to me, the fact they were doing a show in one of the smallest venue of paris represented one of my biggest dreams. i didn't know if it was possible to be true. and yes. it was announced so fast i didn't really have the time to realize it. anyway, i arrived there and stayed with some gd mates. i enjoyed the wait, because i knew i had to enjoy every single moment of this day. at 6, they opened the doors, and i entered in. i had one of the best visions ever: the front barrier was calling me. it took me 15 seconds to run until this fence and i grabbed it fiercely. i couldn't believe i was about to see my favorite band from the first row. i've always dreamed of this situation, and now it was the truth. yay. several minutes later, the band arrived on stage. this "21st century breakdown" intro gave me chills, once again. i was just in front of jason freeze, on the keyboard, and he was smiling all the time. with my friend ralph, we were smiling to him, waving to him, and that made him laugh. it was cool. the setlist was the same as the previous day. it didn't bother me at all. i couldn't help but smiling all the time. damn, i was living my dream ! once "see the light" was over, i wondered what would follow. with them, everything is possible, and that's also why i love them. they began with "american idiot". like the day before, the crowd went nuts. this song is incredibly powerful in live. and then, "jesus of suburbia". here we go for 10 minutes! this song is brilliant. genius. everything you want. during the "i don't care" part, bj came just right in front of me and shouted me an "i don't care" face to face. my heart stopped. right after they played "longview", mike's bass so close to me. after the 1st chorus, bj invited someone on stage to sing the rest of the song. and this someone was marjorie, one of my gd mate ! i was sooo happy for her. she ruled. after her stage diving, they did "basket case", obviously. aaaand, "king for a day" ! there, ralph winced with tré, and bj got crazy, jumping and getting on the floor. all the members laid on the stage. they asked to do the same, but it was impossible, we were so packed together in the crowd. finally, "minority". i knew it was the last song, so i showed them my paper "christie road, please!". mike saw it and winked at me, poking out his tongue. bj saw my paper too, he stood and gazed it. he seemed surprised i was asking this request, this song being quite old. so then, he looked at me and made me a huuuge smile. a smile i'll never forget. unfortunately, they were in a hurry and had to leave right after "minority". lights on. i couldn't believe it was over. it was awesome. the best concert in my whole life. i couldn't realize the glances i had from them. i was happy. i saw another friend of mine who was at the back and she managed to get a drumstick. and she gave it to me !! then i wasn't able to let it go from my hands. we run to the artists exit, and we saw the band, who really had to hurry because they had to take their plane. but bj stayed like 2 minutes to sign some autographs. i didn't manage to get one but i sincerely don't care. i just lived an awesome show, i could die serenely ahah.
09 August 2009 @ 07:17 pm
it was the 1st time i was seeing them. FINALLY. after 4 years of wait, i got to see the guys i admire the most.
I arrived in these studios in the afternoon, and I stayed with some fans. we were in the parking. it was raining, cold; but we didn't care. a car arrived. and another one. we knew it was the band. so we ran behind the cars, we looked like fools, but once again we didn't care.
they came out of the cars. billie joe armstrong. my heart was beating so hard. everything happened so fast, but in my mind it was in slow motion. he just waved, and got inside. then, mike dirnt. he waved too, and got inside. and tré cool. he went to see us. he was so... cool... he said "hi", he seemed to happy to be there. he had a glass of wine he gave to anne. and he got inside. I really didn't realize what was going on. now I wonder why haven't I simply jumped into their arms and hugged them to death. after that, the others musicians came out and waved at us. and we waited. suddenly, tré went to see us. again. he asked "whose birthday is it?". we were like "what?". anne said "meeee!" (it wasn't true, but she managed to say something while we were all motionless ahah). and he gave his two drumsticks. woah. then he got back inside. we were so excited. we knew they were inside. we got there, we gave our coats, and we stood in the hall. these last minutes were terrible, I really couldn't wait anymore!! ten minutes later, I ran in the room. first row!!! we were sat. the stage was set up, with the instruments, the beautiful drums, written "green day". we were like 100 persons. a guy made us screaming and applauding (as it was for a tv show). I was shaking so hard. it was never ending. and then. the guys arrived. my heart was beating so fast, but at the same time I felt it was stopping too. weird feeling. but I know I was in the best place of the world. I couldn't believe they were in front of me, my biggest dream came true! they began with the intro of "21st century breakdown". it gave me chills and I wanted to cry so bad. but there was a huge camera in front of me and my tears didn't drop. it was awesome. they are so handsome, in reality. even more than on pictures. during "Know Your Enemy", we got insane. everyone knew the song, as it was the current new single. after the guitar solo, billie joe approached us. he got closer and closer, I was like "oh my god, what is he doing??", and he asked us to join him on stage. whaaaaat? are you kidding?? and we were 15 to go on stage, with green day. I could not believe it. even in my biggest dreams I'd never imagined that situation. I was in front of tré, behind billie joe, and side by side with mike. best place ever. best memory ever. I didn't want get out of here. but we had to. I said to myself ''I'll never have this chance anymore, and I'll never forget it.". we got back in the crowd, and I tried to come back to reality. they played "east jesus nowhere". I love that song so much. billie joe played with the crowd, he is awesome. then "last of the american girls" and "murder city". the band was obviously happy to be there, and enjoyed playing their new songs. and that made us all the more happy. "viva la gloria (little girl)" was amazing. they kept going with "the static age" and "21 guns". I wanted this concert to last forever. "american eulogy" got us crazy, once again. and towards the end, billie joe waved at us, he wanted us to get on stage, again. I couldn't believe it. for the second time, I got on stage. we were dancing, jumping, screaming. and we get back in the crowd. they played "see the light". I knew it was the last song, and it made me a bit sad. it happened so fast. but at the same time, I knew that with them, it wasn't said that it was over. after finishing the song, they talked to each other, and played "american idiot". no words can describe this moment! it was incredible. and they left the stage. I was impressed by them, admirative and so happy. I wasn't disappointed at all. then with some other fans, we got outside to catch the band. they had to hurry because they were going to a radio show. but mike came to see us. he spoke with us, even if he said he had to be quick. he arrived in front of me. I gave him the croissants I'd bought in the morning for them. he looked at me with his beautiful blue eyes. he asked me what it was (because the croissants were in a bag) and I replied to him. then he took a french accent and repeated "croissants!" ahah. he took a pic with a guy standing on my right, and got inside the van.